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About Us

Alaa Kittanih and Partner Co. are working in the field of land and real estate development. They are seeking to develop and lead the Jordanian real estate development sector and provide unique real estate solutions through their residential and commercial projects in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The company is still moving towards bigger and better projects to become a milestone in the real estate industry.

Vision & Mission

Our Vission:

To be a leader and a key factor in the real estate industry in our country

Our Mission:

The commitment to keep pace with the continuous development of our projects and to provide the best real estate products that exceed the ambitions of our customers with the best modern methods and prices at an appropriate environment and in accordance with local values and aspirations.

Our Goals

• Provision of integrated real estate products with high quality and appropriate prices.
• Creating and designing innovative, healthy and attractive real estate products.
• Providing the required services and facilities that meet the needs of real estate products.
• Providing multiple and easy payment solutions to facilitate the financing purchase of real estate.

Our Strategies

• Recognizing the customer's needs and exceed his aspirations to meet his expectations.
• Commitment to transparency and clarity.
• Enhancing the credibility of the company throughout our history.
• Selectivity in real estate projects and products.
• Contribution to community activities and services
• Being proactive.
• Continuous development of company resources.


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